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12 Memes Every Nigerian Federal University Student Can Relate To

If you attend a Nigerian federal university it means that you’ve been out of school for almost a year, and there are two major players responsible for that: ASUU and COVID. You’ve probably gone through a shit ton of emotions in the past year about school so we put this together because we know you can relate to these 12 memes.

1. When ASUU first called a two-week warning strike

Two whole weeks away from the madness that is school? Why not? Nothing could be better.

2. Then the government imposed the lockdown

“Come and join me sing hallelujah! No school, no assignment, no foolish lecturers. Please let me rest.”

3. When you realized you’ve been at home for six months

Wait o…This thing don dey long.

4. And there’s still COVID outside

You start thinking “Wait, am I at home because of COVID or because of the strike? But Babcock people have gone to school now.” Oluwa wetin dey happen.

5. When you see your juniors in private universities graduating

“It’s not you people’s fault. At least they let me use phone in my own school.”

6. So you decide to start looking for a job…

“Please employ me. I will do anything as long as you feed me.”

7. When you heard that ASUU and the federal government were having meetings

Imagine praying for school to resume. School of all things o.

8. And then they “suspended” the strike


9. So you started preparing for school again

You and your friends probably started making plans already. You renewed your apartment’s rent, you looked at your course forms and time tables again. Let’s go!

10. But ASUU said there’s still COVID so you still can’t go to school

It went from “You’re resuming on January 18” to “Let’s see what the next few months hold”

11. This is you calculating when you’ll graduate

“So if they call off the strike now, when will we resume? How many semesters left? Worst case, by 2023 I should be done in Jesus name. “

12. When you try to remember your matric number

150……15070…. 150709. Omo, fuck it.

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