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5 Types Of Men That Should Not Be A Part Of SMAN

Dear Nigerian men, we heard that you people have created the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria. We are happy for you oh, may your stinginess open more doors for you (or not).

Anyway, if you are part of the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria and you fall under any of these categories we are about to mention, oga, please remove yourself from that group with immediate alacrity.

1. Men that still live with their parents.

zikoko-introducing boyfriend to parents

You too, reason it. You’re enjoying your parents generosity, eating their food and hibernating under their roof, but outside you’re doing SMAN. Does it make any sense to you? If your parents decide to join Stingy Parents Association of Nigeria, what will your story be?

2. You’re still dropping your account number under giveaway posts.

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Stingy Man that wants to collect oshofree. No be so dem dey do things nau.

3. Men that use their hair cream as body cream.

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Oga, that stinginess you want to show Nigerian women, maybe you should rethink it. Because which Nigerian woman wants to be with a man who cannot even buy body cream for himself?

4. Men that are still in the university.

Slack-for-iOS-Upload-1 | Zikoko!

Or rather, boys. This is an important period of your life. Is it stinginess you want to use it and do? Your mates are out there, busy achieving great things, but you’re shouting on the internet that you belong to SMAN. Ngwanu, even if you’re not a part of SMAN, who is asking you for money anyway?

5. Men without two bank accounts.

Maybe your financial status would have changed a lot if you did not spend so much time worrying about how to be stingy to Nigerian women.

If you fall under any of these categories, go back to the drawing board and rethink your life. It’s not everything you must join.

That’s our own advice for you.

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