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6 Nigerian Men Talk About Finding Love On Twitter

The Twitter ban has affected a lot of people and businesses in different ways. We tend to overlook the impact Twitter has had in various aspects of our lives. One of such aspects is relationships. I spoke to 6 Nigerian men who found love on Twitter. They had such interesting stories.


We had been following each other for years but we never interacted. One day, she posted a tweet late at night and I slid into her DMs. I ended up going to her place that night even though I had work the next day. That was very out of character for me. We started talking and just couldn’t leave each other alone. 

Then the pandemic happened and we got stuck with each other. Being with her just made perfect sense. We still don’t know the exact date we started dating, but we’re together now.


She replied to one of my tweets, telling me my tweets gave off a vibe she liked and she wanted to find out if it was the real me or just a social media facade. We continued to talk on the timeline until she sent me DM one day to discuss something and that’s how it all started.


She tweeted a complaint about the constant short women slander on the TL. I pointed her towards my tweet professing my love for short women. We started talking until we fell inside a relationship.


We used to tweet at each other about random stuff; work, school work, insulting politicians together and exchanging friendly banter. One day, she says “we should meet up sometime.” That’s how we got married o. To Jesus be the glory.


I think I became aware of her in 2016. That must have been the time I first followed her on Twitter.  She was anon, and I sort of found that interesting. At the time, I used to be pretty loud about my atheism. I had lost faith earlier in 2014 and I was still within that acute phase where people who are new to unbelief are pretty loud about it. So, our first conversation was about religion. At the time, she was very religious but there was a difference. 

She was very non-judgemental. In all of our interactions, she sought to truly understand my point of view and asked really deep and intriguing questions. So, that was how we got talking and I realised that I enjoyed talking to her. We decided to meet up and now, we’ve been together for three years.


We started talking on the timeline last year after I noticed. She quoted a tweet of mine and I started talking to her like I do when people interact with me on Twitter. That’s how we became friends while she was in the UK at the time. There was no DM interaction until her birthday when I wished her a happy birthday. We started talking a lot more. 

What kickstarted it was when someone tweeted “send your boyfriend money for lunch”. I mentioned her handle as a joke and she asked for my account number. I was surprised and considered her thoughtful. I joked that if I could afford a ring, I’d propose to her. She said she wouldn’t mind Haribos candy rings. So I found a way to send it to her in the UK. We started paying more attention to each other and became closer. I started catching feelings for her but I had just left a relationship that had a lot of baggage and wasn’t ready for another one. She returned to Nigeria, we met and it was just obvious that we had feelings for each other. We started dating shortly after.

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