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6 Things In Life That We’ve Had Enough Of

It is big big 2021, where cars are powered by electricity. Yet, so many things are still the way they’ve always. We know somethings are due for an update, whether man-made or God made update. Here’s a list of things that we’ve had enough of:

1. Pregnancy

To be honest, it’s about time babies start growing in labs or stuff like that. The idea of pregnancy is so old school and outdated. If humans are so important, there should be an easier, mor practical way to bring about our existence.

2. Working for money.

As big as money is, it can’t grow on trees by itself? We should be able to pluck money from trees by now. The concept of work is very flawed and outdated.

3. Cooking

Food should be downloadable by now. We should no longer be stressed out by cooking or thinking of what to eat.

4. Periods

Periods are so dramatic and painful. 3-5 days of suffering because a woman didn’t get pregnant?. Peak dramatic. Periods need to be abolished.

5. Blue balls

I can only speak on what I’ve heard. But having super painful balls because a guy couldn’t bust a nut is also very unnecessary.

6. Bonus point; Nigeria

God abeg.

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