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6 Things To Do When You Are Ghosted In A Talking Stage

What happens when you finally realise that the person you are “talking to” will probably not reply your message ever again? Well, if you are ever ghosted while in a talking stage, then you can try any of these six things.

1) Become a ghost

Since they have decided to ghost you, the best thing is to become a ghost and hunt their family. Since they like ghosting so much, they would not mind having one follow them for the rest of their life right? Haunt them.

2) Marry their relative

If they think they can escape by ghosting you, they have another thing coming. You should simply marry one of their relatives. Bonus points if it is their parent or sibling. That way, they will be forced to see you. Christmas dinner, Eid, New Year, etc. They can’t escape all of the celebration.

3) Become their boss

Find out where they work and work towards being the manager. How much can they ignore when they have to give you a report every first day of the week? If they own a business, buy it. This is more of a long game plan. You might not have a degree in whatever they are studying, but you can always get it.

4) Befriend their parents

If you are friends with their parents, then you can always pop by to visit them. They do not need to know your ulterior motive. You should always plan your unexpected visits around the time they tell you their child is coming. Ghosted but not forgotten.

5) Become their neighbour

If they live in a rented apartment, rent one of the flats in the building. If they have their own house, buy the one next to them. There is only so much they can do to avoid a neighbour that refuses to be avoided.

you every single time you hear their gate open

6) Move on

This might seem like the most ridiculous option given, but maybe you should just take your L and move on. They don’t want to have anything to do with you, and although it hurts, you will be fine.

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