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7 Pets You Can Get Instead Of Dogs

Dogs are cute and they protect your family, but people need to understand there’s more to having pets than keeping dogs. If you’re looking to get a new pet, here are a few animals you should consider.

1. Cats

Cats are not witches. They’re actually pretty intelligent and fun to be around. But one thing: once you get a cat, they own the house now. You’re just there living as their tenants.

2. Rabbits

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Rabbits are cute, and you get to give them carrots and say “What’s up doc?” Do you need any more reasons to get a rabbit?

3. Fish

The process of researching for and selecting a breed of pet fish is pretty interesting. The dedication that comes with buying a fish bowl or fish tank, feeding the fish and changing the water will make you appreciate your pet even more.

4. Snakes

No, you are not a demon if you have a pet snake.

5. Monkeys

I’m not advising you to get a monkey, no. But people have them and they all seem pretty happy together.

5. Parrots

Imagine having a full conversation with your pet.





“How are you doing?”

“How are you doing?”

“Good talk.”

“Good talk.”

6. Canaries

Imagine waking up every morning to the sound of sweet singing from your living room. These birds are super easy to care for and they sing all day.

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