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7 Quizzes That Will Test Your Nigerian Card

Are you a true Nigerian or are you actually Togolese? The following quizzes will expose you.

1. QUIZ: If You Get 11/26 On This Quiz, You’re Truly A Nigerian

This quiz will separate the Nigerians from the pretenders.

Let’s see which one you are.

2. QUIZ: Get 9/12 To Prove You Grew Up With Nigerian Parents

Only people who grew up with Nigerian parents can complete these sentences correctly. Get at least 9 right to show you did.

3. QUIZ: Only True Nigerians Can Score 8/11 On This Random Trivia

Score up to 8 on this random trivia to show you’re a true Nigerian.

4. QUIZ: Can You Identify These Nigerian Celebrities From Half Of Their Faces?

Do you know Nigerian celebrities well enough to identify them based on just half of their faces?

Let’s find out.

5. QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Nigeria?

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Take this quiz to prove how much you actually know about Naija.

6. QUIZ: Can You Guess The Artiste From The First And Last Letter Of Their Name?

Sure you know Nigerian artistes, but can you tell the artiste from the first and last letter of their name?

7. QUIZ: Only A Genius Can Get 18/25 On This Very Nigerian A–Z Quiz

How much random Nigerian knowledge do you have floating around in your head? Well, if you can get more than 18 right on this A to Z quiz, then you’re a certified genius.

N.B: The answer to every question will begin with the giant alphabet right above it.

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