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7 Things In Life That Are Worse Than Heartbreak

Yes, heartbreaks are bad. But have you ever considered that there might be other worse things that can happen to you in this life? Life never prepares you. Sometimes, bad things happen to good people.

1. Plugging your phone all night only to wake up and see that it didn’t charge.

Where do I start from?

2. Getting in trouble for a crime you didn’t commit.

Image result for police arresting nigerian men

This can be small scale like being flogged for your sibling’s wahala, or large scale like getting arrested by the police for something you don’t know about.

3. Being ghosted by someone you thought was really interested in you.

I… I thought we had a chemistry.

4. Being stuck in traffic when you have an important appointment.

Can I fly? Can I just fly!

5. Being separated from your partner in a difficult examination.

Image result for nigerian students separated in an examination hall

This hurts even more you don’t know anything and your friend is the only hope.

6. Bitcoin dropping after you put your money in it.

Why must everything scatter when you join it?

7. Waking up to see that the food you cooked last night has gone sour.

Image result for rice and beans cooked together

Rice and beans is the king of this rubbish.

7 Risky Food Combinations You Should Probably Try

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