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7 Things Men Should Do After They Send Women Selfies

Dear men, you never know what to do after you send a woman pictures? Well, we are here to help.

1) Send us money

Looking at your beautiful pictures has caused us eye pains because your beauty is blinding. You have to pay for eye treatments.

2) Buy us a new wig

Your beauty just snatched our wig. It will seem you have to replace it.

2+2 = 4

3) Clear our shopping cart

Seeing your beautiful face has reminder us of how there is an emptiness in our life that can only be filled with material possessions.

We point, you pay. It is the only way.

4) Buy us a house

Because those pictures need to be framed, we need a house. Your pictures cannot just waste in a rented apartment.

5) Book us a spa day

Your pictures got us so tensed up, we need a professional to help us destress. We advise that you book the spa day before you even send the pictures, so that by the time you send it, the appointment is already fixed.

6) A vacation

An all expense paid trip to any location of our choice. We need to relax, preferably somewhere with a beach because ocean water helps to revive people that feel faint.

how she felt when she saw your pictures

7) Take us on a date

The beauty needs to be appreciated in person, and that can only happen when you take us on a date.

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