8 Annoying Money Situations That Drives Every Nigerian Crazy

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At some point in every Nigerian’s life, a primary source of stress is money-related. Since this usually unfolds in different ways, we decided to do a post about these experiences:

1. When it’s Monday morning and you have only #1000 notes on you

It hits harder when you’re too broke to order a ride and the bus conductors explicitly said they have no change.

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2. When your bank debits you for some strange charge and you can’t withdraw the last 1k in your account

You will curse your bank, but eventually you will use what’s left to buy airtime.

3. When you finish eating at a restaurant and you find out that their POS machine is not working

What’s all this?

4. When you transfer money to someone but they haven’t gotten it after 3 hours

Let’s be guided, abeg.

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5. When you find torn notes inside the change a conductor gave you

I hate my life!

6. When you can’t reach your onigbese on the day they promise to return your money

Wait, what’s happening? Did they get in an accident?

7. When your parents decide that you’re now an adult and cut you off totally

I didn’t ask to be born oh!

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8. When Naira falls against Dollars and you have to pay more on your monthly subscriptions

Monday morning

I was born in the wrong country. But will I die if I stop paying for Spotify and Netflix?

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