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8 Signs Your Nigerian Boyfriend Is Not Husband Material

If your boyfriend doesn’t do at least five of the things on this list then you need to fix up.

1) He doesn’t pack your plates when you eat outside

This is a red flag that shows that he doesn’t have home training. Run!

2) He eats more than one piece of meat when he visits your house

This just shows that he’s greedy and will keep on taking and taking until there’s nothing left of/for you.

3) He wears tight cloths

He’s not protecting his chastity for you. Reddest flag.

4) He doesn’t hunt and kill the meat you people eat


5) Neither does he grow the food you people eat

He’s definitely not husband material.

6) He’s always asking for sex

Only God knows what his body count is. His groom price is definitely in the gutters.

7) He complains of hand pain when you sleep off in his arms

Real men are silent about pain like the “g” in Lasagna.

8) He grumbles when you send him on errands.

My good sis, is he even ready?

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