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8 Stressful Things Igbo Mothers Do

Igbo mothers are the sweetest, we agree. But we must also agree that in their quest to do the best, they also stress us out. If you grew up with an Igbo mother, then this one is for you.

1. Inscribe their names on their cooking utensils.

Nne m, nobody will steal your spoons na. Just leave it alone.

2. Have a chest of new original Holandise wrappers and still complain about being broke.

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And their complaints are so genuine you start to feel for them.

3. Wake you up by 4 am for morning devotion.

This one is the most stressful part of it all. Can’t someone get a good night’s sleep?

4. Go to church by 8am and come back by 4pm.

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Meetings after meeting, friends to gist with, latest stories to catch up on. This is why they never arrive home in time.

5. Name you Elizabeth but shorten it to Eliza.

Since you know you will call me Eliza, why did you now put Elizabeth on my birth certificate?

6. Force you to attend rosary

IMG_8359 – Block Rosary Crusade Lagos Archdiocese Centenary Blog


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7. Drag you to go and greet every distant relative.

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Yes, they were there at my birth, but I don’t even know them.

8. Attempt to find wives for their sons.

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It’s almost like Igbo mothers cannot trust their sons to make good marriage choices.

A List of English Names That Are Now Igbo Names

A List of English Names That Are Now Igbo Names | Zikoko!

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