8 Things Only People Who Overthink Everything Will Get

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1. You, when someone hits you up with a “we need to talk” text

Hay God, I’m in trouble. Did they find out about the stuff I did 5 years ago?

2. Or your boss asks you to see them

“Please pray for me. I’m about to get fired.”

3. When someone texts you to ask you something and they go offline without saying what they want

Good Burger Omg GIF by Bounce


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4. When you remember something you said in public and can’t stop thinking about the way you said it

Did I make these people uncomfortable? That explains why they were so cold to me.

5. You, when someone laughs too hard at your joke

Oh, my God. They feel so sad for me.

6. Or worse, they don’t laugh at all

I must have overdone it. I should have just kept quiet

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7. You, when a conversation doesn’t go the way you planned it your head

This is why you hate interviews if we’re keeping it real

8. When you realise that you judge people without even knowing it

Ultimate Love Day 26 wow

Well, isn’t this a twist?

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