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9 Memes You’ll Relate To If You Absolutely Hate Traffic

Not everyone hates traffic. Sometimes, people use traffic as an opportunity to listen to their favourite podcast or catch up on missed calls. Some others though can die at the thought of spending two extra minutes on the road because of a small traffic jam. If you absolutely hate traffic, you’ll be able to relate to this one.

1. When you check for traffic updates on Google Maps

What do you mean “One hour congestion and I’m still on the fastest route”?

2. But you realise you have to go out eitherway

“Can’t I just stay at home? Why do I ever have to leave my house?”

3. When you see the traffic from way ahead

You’ll look up ahead and see cars lined up as far as your eyes can see. At that point, you just want to turn back and go home. You were not built for this.

4. And you finally enter it

We will sleep here today.

5. When you see someone trying to chance your car

Please let’s not be unfortunate. This is where you can say “Dey your lane”, and actually mean that exactly. But people are stubborn.

6. And then they brush your car

They will try to enter, but because you can’t allow them, they’ll hit you. And then fight will start.

7. This is you telling them they will pay


8. But you just decide to forgive them and move on

It almost always ends in you forgiving them and just bearing the cost after all the shouting.

9. When you finally see what’s causing the traffic

If you live in Lagos, it’s probably just one car parked on the road for no apparent reason. Sometimes, finding out what caused the traffic would make you even much angrier. Just move and don’t think about it too much.

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