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Are We Just Going to Ignore That Exxon Video?

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A lobbyist for a giant oil company admitted in a video that the industry spreads disinfo to stop efforts to combat climate change and no one really talked about it. OK, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes did a segment, but that was it for the most part. What the hell is going on?

Molly Jong-Fast had Emily Atkins, climate reporter and author of the daily climate newsletter, HEATED, come on this bonus episode of The New Abnormal to find out.

“Officials are investigating over like 500 deaths that could have been from the extreme heat, these wildfires and these storms. As this is happening, you have a guy saying, literally he said on camera, ‘did we deny the science? Yes. Did we join some of these shadow groups to prevent action? Yes, but that’s not, like, illegal, you know, like we were just protecting our shareholders and protecting our investments,’” she tells Molly.

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