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Baggu Finally Gives Us What We Didn’t Know We Needed: Home Goods

Photo Illustration: Scouted/The Daily Beast/Kabir Fernandez

As soon as my fiancé saw the package from Baggu, I knew he had questioned my sanity. After all, I have a collection of probably close to a dozen Baggu bags at my disposal and definitely don’t need any more to shove into a larger bag at the bottom of my closet (they got good use this past year and a half, okay?!). But much to his chagrin, it was not a reusable nylon tote, but instead, a look at Baggu’s newest venture: home goods. Specifically, the brand is launching towels, pillowcases, and reusable cloths.

Baggu knows what it excels at (patterns) and it stays true to that brand identity even in this new category. The bath towels are soft and durable, with contrasting colors complete with daisies and smiley faces, for a pop art chic bathroom aesthetic (they also made hand towels). The pillowcases — both bed and throw — are adorned with the bright and bold patterns you expect and are made from 100% organic cotton. If you’ve ever looked at your Baggu bag and thought I wish I could display this in my home, well, now’s your chance.

After using the towel, I was nervous that I would be speckled in blue and brown fuzzies, the curse I usually bear when I opt not to wash my new towels before use, but I was surprisingly fuzz-free. I wasn’t able to test out the pillowcases, but if they’re anything like their amazing masks and hats, one wash and these will be the perfect accent for your bed or couch. Now, I just wonder when they’ll start to make clothing.

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