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Behind the Bombshell Allegation Buried in the WaPo Lawsuit

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Last month, Washington Post political reporter Felicia Sonmez didn’t just sue her employer for discriminating against her as a woman and a sexual-assault survivor. She alleged that while she was prohibited from covering sexual misconduct stories, the paper’s top editors had allowed a prominent male journalist to cover similar stories, despite an allegation of misconduct.

In the lawsuit, Sonmez revealed she was told about a male colleague who continued to report on stories related to sexual misconduct even though he allegedly sent “an unsolicited photo of his underwear-covered crotch to a young woman.”

That incident, Sonmez’s suit alleged, is representative of discrimination against her. While she had been barred from covering MeToo-related stories after she disclosed her own assault, former Post executive editor Marty “Baron never ordered that the [male] reporter be banned from covering stories related to sexual misconduct or inappropriate behavior by men,” the lawsuit alleged.

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