Best Places To Travel In Europe After The Coronavirus Pandemic.

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Below are nest places to travel in Europe after COVID-19 challenges –


Budget – About $33 per day.

Have you ever stumbled on the thought of embarking on a trip to Europe but haven’t figured out just the country to go to? Romania fits the bill. Filled with splendor and charm, Romania has some really nice activities you can get yourself acquainted with that haven’t been discovered yet. Some of which include journeying through the medieval villages, and witnessing the beauty of its parks.

Speaking of budgets, Romania is a really pocket-friendly place to visit, and have some great experience of a lifetime. With as little as $10-$15 nightly, you can secure a hotel space where you would enjoy treats of the best Romanian dishes with sheer deliciousness.

Once you have access to breakfast in the hotel, plus lunch, making dinner isn’t so stressful given how easy it is to gain access to fresh market produce. You also enjoy reliability and affordability while using the public transportation system. So in detail if you spend as little as $10-$15 on meals per day, another $10-$15 per night for accommodation, and for public transportation you spend about $5-$10 in a full day, your budget doesn’t get too stretched.


Budget – About $30 per day.

Another great option you should put into consideration is Georgia. In this country, you would find a great blend of beauty and affordability, and guess what? It is highly likely you get into Georgia without a visa and enjoy a one-year stay. Yeah you read that right.

Talking about affordability, you can enjoy a quality meal at a local restaurant with as little as $3, then go on a minibus ride later on just for a fee less than $1. That’s not all. If you’re visiting museums and historical places in the country, you would be allowed entrance for less than $2. Cool, isn’t it?

The budget package includes around $10-15 for meals daily, $5-$15 per night on hostel accommodation, and for transportation, about $3-$5 for a full day of train and bus rides. For inter-city trips, you would be spending about $5-$10. In Georgia, you can get a SIM card with 1GB of data (monthly subscription) for $3.


Budget – Around $40 per day.

Have you ever imagined what taking a stroll sail on the Greek Islands would be like? It would be really fun and amazing.

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A trip to Greece would give you an eye-opener into the country’s loving beauty and calmness. As a result of the country’s debt crisis back in 2010, the flights and accommodation fees have been slashed but you would still have to pay more during the summer months. Activities you can enjoy in Greece include free walking tours, and sightseeing. You can as well have a lovely picnic by the beautiful beaches which have the same level of enjoyment as enjoying a meal at a lavish restaurant.

For your budget, you can expect to spend about $10-$15 on meals per day, $10-$15 for hostel accommodation per night, and around the same amount for transportation for a rental car. $12 would get you a SIM card with 2GB data spanning for 30 days.

Czech Republic

Budget – $40 per day.

Czech is already a go-to place for tourists, especially in Prague which is a base rich in the country’s history, and the fine beer they have that is really affordable. Czech is one of the cheapest countries in Central Europe you can travel in and is a really hearty destination.

Though the entry fees into museums and historical sites are relatively high, you can save yourself some money and view the architectural magnificence from the hikes up.

In Czech, you can expect to spend around $12-$20 for histem accommodation per night, between $10 and $15 for meals per day, and around $5 for a full train ride day. However, going on inter-city rides would cost you around $15-$20. You would get a SIM card with 2GB of data for a month duration for $13.


Budget – $26 per day.

Traveling in Ukraine has some hitches like the language barrier which doesn’t allow you communicate well with locals, and the absence of reliable transportation services. However, if you’re seeking to do a European travel with a budget, Ukraine is a really great option.

The country’s currency is devalued, and that’s why it is so affordable to travel in. For instance, you can get meals per day for as low as $6-$8. That’s really affordable. For accommodation in hostels you would be paying around $6-$10 per night and for transportation, you can expect to pay around $1-$3 for a whole day of train rides. For inter-city rides however, you would pay an amount between $6 and $15.

In Ukraine, $3 will get you a SIM card with 3GB of data valid for a month.

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Budget – $40 per day.

Poland boasts of as many as 14 heritage sites so if you’re a fan of these, Poland is the place for you. Culture and history are part of its riches and it’s surprising how tourists skip this destination four their tourist experience.

Am average of $5 is what it costs to go into museums and other historical places which is a really affordable amount considering that it’s a European country. They have delicious meals that give you value for money, and also boast of more variety when compared to their neighbors.

In Poland, you can explore small towns like Wroclaw, Zakopane, and Gdansk which are all superb places to be to. $10-$15 is the daily budget for meals, transportation costs about $1-$3 (Full day of train rides, $10-$15 for inter-city rides) and with $3, you can get a SIM card with 2GB of data valid for one month.


Budget – $40 per day.

Beautiful sunshine, turquoise waters, and parties are what you should look forward to if you’d be traveling to Croatia. The country has loads of islands around its mainland where you can have some chilling and relaxing.

There is a museum of broken relationships, beautiful architecture, and some small towns you can be in for exploration purposes. From May down to October, the weather is always very good, and you’ll see beach parties flooding beaches on the islands.

Budget-wise, meals cost between $10 and $15, accommodation fee is usually between $12 and $16 per night (some hostels offer complimentary meals), and you can expect to spend around $12-$15 for transportation. Getting a SIM card with 2GB of data costs $8 and lasts for a month.


Budget – $40 per day.

Traveling to and in Turkey would require some amount of planning except if you are prepared to so some bit of more spending. The country can be either expensive or cheap, depending on how well you map out your plans and routes.

The side attractions in Turkey include the really awesome Blue Mosque situated in Istanbul, the beautiful white travertines you can find in Pamukkale, as well as the all-round bubbling hustles in the country.

You will find Turkish food really yummy and affordable (between $10 and $15) too so you don’t have to worry about meals. Accommodation costs between $5 and $15 per night in hostels, and as for transportation, $1-$3 is enough for a taxi ride.

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The cost of getting a SIM card (with 2GB of data) is $8 and will last for 30 days.

The Baltic States (Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia)

Budget – $40 per day.

The trio of Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia all provide a platform for enjoyable experience in North-eastern Europe. You can go to any of these places with a budget and still have some fun with some activities and sight-seeing.

Each of the cki tries boasts of a wealth of culture and history and if you want to enjoy exploring the small towns, it would be best you do it on foot.

In Lithuania, meals per day cost around $10-$15, and you can get complimentary dishes from some hostels too. Accommodation costs between $8 and $12 per night in the hostels and then you will be spending around $3-$6 for a full day of bus rides within the walls of the city. A Baltic SIM card with 3GB of data is available for $7 and lasts for a month.

Estonia is the perfect destination if you’re a lover of nature given its array of forests. What does this mean? You can explore national parks and enjoy some hiking adventure, and cycle across the small towns to minimize transportation cost.

Meals in Estonia cost around $10-$15 per day, with some hostels offering complimentary meals. Transportation costs between $3 and $6 if you’re going to be train-riding within the city all day, and $10-$15 for inter-city rides. A Baltic SIM card is available for $7, comes with 3GB of data, and spans for 30 days.

Latvia is the place for you if you love rivers and lakes. The best period to visit Latvia is during fall or winter, when you can enjoy canoe rides whether alone or with a loved one.

The transportation cost in Latvia is around $2-$5 for a whole day of train rides within the city, but if you want to embark on inter-state rides, you will have to spend between $10 and $15. Accommodation costs around $8-$12 per night in hostels and meals cost between $12 and $15 per day. A Baltic SIM card is available for you for $7, comes with 3G  of data, and lasts for 30 days.

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