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Bishop of Ife Diocese (Anglican Communion), Rt. Rev. Olubunmi Akinlade, has urged the youths in the country to jettison their inordinate ambition of get-rich-quick syndrome that is conspicuously prevalent among them.

Akinlade, who gave the advice during the first session of the 11th synod of the diocese in Osun State with the theme: “Godly Parenting in a Cosmopolitan World,” which ended yesterday, decried the restlessness of the youths to make it fast with many of them not minding whose ox is gored.

He said: “Youths, take it easy. Rome was not built in a day. I know that we are in a jet age, but even jets will take some time to gather momentum before they take off and after taking off, they will still take some time to balance in the air.”

He, therefore, charged them to be closer to God.

Akinlade also told the youths that some of the good things that had been developed for our good were unfortunately now causing problems.

He said that social media and the Internet apparently have a good side, which unambiguously outweighs the bad side, adding that it is the bad side that is being promoted today.

“I am an IT person who understands both sides and what is going on.

“Those who created many of the social platforms are special engineers who are taught how to draw people’s attention such that an undisciplined person will be glued to them,” he said.

The cleric further explained that when one stays too long on the platforms, they would begin to aggravate tension in individuals to the extent that if they are suddenly taken away, the person will become nervous while in some cases, he can become violent, adding that it is an addiction, which has withdrawal symptoms.

He, therefore, urged parents to effectively play their role by having time to lay a good foundation for the future of their children to avert what is happening today among the youths.

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