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British Billionaire’s ‘Killer’ Daughter-in-Law Gets Bail in Belize

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/LinkedIn

Jasmine Hartin, the daughter-in-law of British billionaire and political power broker Lord Michael Ashcroft, will be released from jail while she is prosecuted for shooting a top police officer in Belize.

The Canadian national has been in police custody since her May 28 arrest, with prosecutors calling her a flight risk. But after a Wednesday hearing, a judge decided to grant her bail in the amount of $30,000 and allow her to return home to her 4-year-old twins, local outlets reported.

The ruling is sure to be controversial in Belize, where suspicions that Hartin’s wealth and family connection are getting her special treatment run high. However, her release was not entirely unexpected since the charge she faces, manslaughter by negligence, rarely carries serious jail.

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