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Electronic Voting: PDP Wants To Use ‘Hush Puppy’ To Rig 2023 Election – Ndume


The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP have been accused of planning to rig 2023 general elections through electronic voting.

Naija News reports that Senator Ali Ndume said electronic voting was an idea hatched by the opposition party as part of its way of rigging the 2023 general elections.

The lawmakers’ statement is coming following polls at the red chamber of the national assembly for and against the adoption of electronic transmission of election results come 2023.

Ndume said PDP have the yahoo-yahoo boys as their loyal, adding that they are the ones that have ‘puppy’. By this saying, the lawmaker is perceived to mean HushPuppi.

Politic Nigeria quoted Ndume saying: “This electronic voting they are talking about, I think it’s PDP’s idea to rig the election because they are the ones that have the Yahoo-Yahoo boys, they are the ones that have ‘puppy’.

“These are the people otherwise I don’t see any reason for the cry out on this matter”. 

“The truth of the matter is that we had 6 elections in this country and the one that was administered under the government of APC was adjudged to be very credible where you saw opposition winning elections under a sitting government. That was not the case during the PDP”.

“If you are thinking is that APC is doing this to take advantage of it, we would have taken advantage of the previous elections that were conducted credibly”.

Meanwhile, there was another rowdy session today in the house of representatives as lawmakers staged a walkout after their argument on adopting Electronic transmission of votes fell through, Naija News reports.

This article was originally published on Nigeria News

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