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Ella Emhoff Makes Her Runway Debut at New York Fashion Week

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photos via Proenza Schoule/Christian Cowen/Gabriella Hearst

Proenza Schouler

Ella Emhoff, the step-daughter of Kamala Harris, brought very important (and stylish) mullet representation to the Proenza Schouler digital show on the last day of New York Fashion Week. The Parsons student, presidential inauguration breakout star, and newly-signed IMG model was fairly low-key in her runway debut, though her mere presence in the show will clearly draw attention. Her presence was somewhat of a surprise, but not entirely out of nowhere: she spoke on a NYFW panel with Proenza founders Jack McCollugh and Lazaro Hernandez on Wednesday.

Emhoff had previously told the New York Times that she hoped “to bring a bit of Bushwick into the high fashion realm,” referring to her home in one of the most rapidly-gentrifying neighborhoods in the country. And during the Proenza show she certainly embodied the aesthetic of a monied cool person. The pieces were all made in that minimalist, taste-with-a-capital-T style loved by the super rich. Though much has been made of the models numerous tattoos—some of which she inked herself—those were all covered up. Emhoff fit in with the other models and appears to have been IMG-ified…well, except for said cool mullet.

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