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Eye Witness Account: The Ibadan ethnic clash: Facts and Figures  By Obo Ekpeyong

The Ibadan ethnic clash: Facts and Figures

By Obo Ekpeyong

It’s so painful how people in authority are desperate to distort facts. When we run away from truth, we shall be hunted by falshood.

I’m an eye witness. I have lived in Ibadan since 1970, two years after I was born and brought to this city after the war

My first language is Yoruba. Thanks to my parents that I speak Efik. I find the Yoruba liberal, accommodating and considerate. This is why this city has been very peaceful for a long time. The city has only been jolted into violence by politics and elections

However, I must say that the Fulani in Ibadan traditional over step their bounds. They don’t live with the locals.They create their own Ungoverned Territories where they do what ever they like. If you quarrel with one of them, some 15 people will descend on you. I have seen women beaten in the face of their husbands and children by FULANI mob They are always armed with a knife. In recent times, They form the majority of Okada riders. They have no respect for traffic rules. They have a sense of ownership over the city.

When you quarrel with anyone of them, they get you arrested by army from the barracks mainly their kinsmen. When you report any assault to police, their brothers in the barracks will come and threaten police to release him

This last incidence, a few meters from where I live, the buttocks of a pregnant woman was slapped by a notorious FULANI boy well known in Shasa. He does that frequently. The woman protested. He slapped the woman and removed her hairtie-GELE. As this was going on, his colleagues and even FULANI elders in the market were hailing him. The woman started crying. The next thing he did was to begin to stripe the woman naked, fumbling with her breast. As the woman protested, vehemently, she was already half naked. This hooligan started to beat her with the boot of a broom. The elderly Yoruba people were pleading but he was insulting them. She hit the pregnancy of the woman. She started bleeding.The few Yoruba elders started pleading but he insulted them. The woman was helpless The boy then said the Yoruba should go and call Olubadan before he could release the traumatised lady

It was when he pulled the woman to the ground that Yoruba youths were forced to mobilise and attacked. Instead of accepting guilt, the Fulani mobilised and attacked every Yoruba I sight.

When I read one Aisha Yusuff talking of END HAUSA MASSACRE, I now understand Nigeria better. Where did she get the word MASSACRE? How many people were killed? Both Yoruba and Hausa or FULANI were killed in Ibadan. Total is less than 5 people. That is not up to the number of Southerners and Middle Belt people killed in core North everyday for the past decades.

I thought she was a woman and activist. She saw nothing wrong in all the killings, rape, murder going on but quick to launch ENDHausa killing This is crazy. Hypocrisy stop. …

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