The Federal Court of Canada told Major-General. Dany Fortin that the military grievance process is the appropriate way to respond to his claim that political interference has led to his impeachment as responsible for the deployment of the vaccine.

In a written decision released today, Justice Anne Marie MacDonald said the career soldier has not taken full advantage of the redress mechanism already in place for members of the Armed Forces.

“I conclude that this is an appropriate case for the Court to show restraint,” she wrote. Major-General. Fortin “must exhaust the internal grievance process before seeking redress in this Court,” she added.

As a result, justice sided with federal lawyers and granted the government’s request to quash the judicial review.

Fortin was charged in August with one count of sexual assault related to an incident that allegedly took place in 1988, while he was a student at the Royal Military College Saint-Jean.

Fortin has gone to court to challenge the decision to withdraw him in May from his temporary role leading the vaccine deployment at the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) after the military decided to hand over his file to the prosecutors of Quebec. His lawyers argued that his dismissal was due to political interference.

Fortin’s legal team has asked the Federal Court to review the decision to remove him from his secondment without reassignment and to publicly announce that the investigation was the reason for his removal.

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