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For Me, Dating Sugar Daddy Is Risky – Ijeoma Thomas

Nollywood actress and producer, Ijeoma Thomas has sent out messages to those are into Sugar Daddy relationships.

The Business Administration graduate of Enugu State University says she’s not a fan of Sugar Daddy lifestyle because of the risk attached.
“My advice to those doing it is for them to be extremely wise. They should just be careful for them not to be caught by their wives because some women are very deadly. They are ready to pour acid on you and even ready to hire an assassin for the person, meaning they can kill for their husband so that is why I said be extremely careful,” she told Vanguard in an interview.

Speaking on her take on feminism, Ms Thomas said, “To me, feminism means all genders having equal rights and opportunities. I have achieved a lot as an actor. I’ve gone places, met people, received awards both at home and abroad. I think I’ve really done well for myself as an actor.”On the sacrifices she made for her career, the movie diva, “One of the biggest sacrifices I’ve made in my acting career is not being paid for a job I did, acting for free just to put my name and face out there.”

Career’s high and low points? The actress said, “The low point of my career was when I just joined the industry. I went through hell then, but I thank Uncle KOK who is like my godfather in the industry for assisting me a lot. I started from Waka-Pass. I can’t go back to that level anymore. I now play lead, sub-lead roles. This is a high point for me. I’m not there yet though, but I’m working towards getting there.”

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