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‘Home Economics’ Might Be ABC’s Next Great Family Sitcom

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ABC might have found its next big family comedy—and its secret weapon is a guy best known for a show about dick graffiti.

Home Economics, premiering Wednesday, starts from a simple premise: Three siblings, each in a very different income bracket, navigate their complicated financial relationship to stay bonded as a family. Topher Grace, echoing his run as endearing dweeb Eric Forman on That ‘70s Show, anchors this new series as wet blanket older brother Tom Hayworth. The impossibly likable Jimmy Tatro, best known for his side-splitting turn as Dylan Maxwell in American Vandal, plays Tom’s insanely rich kid brother Connor, while Caitlin McGee plays their oldest sister, Sarah—who, recently jobless, is struggling the most financially. (You can tell because the apartment she shares with her wife, Denise, is cramped and painted dark green for ultimate dinginess; also, their car has roll-up windows.)

It’s fascinating to see this series premiering on ABC roughly one decade after the network unveiled its Emmys juggernaut Modern Family. Although it debuted at the height of a global financial downturn in 2009, the mockumentary-style sitcom (which was extraordinarily popular among wealthy audiences) zeroed in on the recession-proof Pritchett family, and became a reliable hit with critics and audiences alike for years. During the Mod Fam’s reign, the sitcom genre appeared to follow suit, at least on broadcast, until Donald Trump’s election in 2016 sparked renewed interest in the working class.

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