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How We Will Be Communicating Once Everyone Abandons Whatsapp

In case you’ve not heard, people have been packing their bags from Whatsapp after Facebook announced that your Whatsapp data will be shared with other Facebook companies like Instagram, Facebook and Messenger.

People are mostly worried about the implications of sharing information about you, the groups you’re on, the people you interact with the most and your spending patterns too with so many third-parties. Some people have already stopped using Whatsapp already so we have to plan on how we’ll communicate with each other.

1. Town crier

Who needs Whatsapp BC when your parents can send a town crier to tell you not to put your laptop near your bed because it causes cancer, asthma, leprosy and COVID.

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You can use Nigeria’s highly reliable post service to communicate with your friends. Just allow for 50 to 60 working months and also make sure you send five copies of the letters, in case four go missing, which it will. Also, make sure you have money to tip the post office workers because they might not give you your complete letter if you don’t.

3. Radio announcement

Why text your crush about your feelings when you can announce it on the radio during love hour?

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4. Smoke signal

Get your firewood and kerosene ready because we will soon be communicating to each other with smoke. You can even form group chat with it.

5. Pigeon

Pigeons were used to send letters and it looks like we’ll be needing them again. They’re even great for sending nudes because Nigerian pigeons no dey fear anybody.

A Messenger pigeon with his backpack | Homing pigeons, Pigeon, Pigeon bird

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