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I Regret Being Born In Deeper Life – Tweep Narrates Ordeal


I Regret Being Born In Deeper Life – Tweep Narrates Ordeal

A Nigerian tweep has regretted and still regretting being born and raised in the Deeper Life Bible Church, noting that the church messed up with some integral part of his life.
The tweep who goes by the username Duke of Laspotech and handle @JJExclusive on the microblogging site took to the streets to celebrate his freedom, however, noting some of the notions he was made to believe while growing up.I Regret Being Born In Deeper Life - Tweep Narrates Ordeal
According to him, the church soiled his emotional intelligence, communication skills and social life. Not only these, he noted further how he was made to see loving the opposite gender when not ready for marriage as a sin.
“I still regrets being born and raised in deeper life, The church messed up my Emotional intelligence, communicative skill and social life. I forget to add “LOVE LIFE” you can’t love your opposite gender except you ready for marriage it is a sin. Anyway I’m out of the hook“, he tweeted.This, however, stirred up a controeversy on the streets of Twitter as many fault his parents and their style of parenting rather than the church. Some members came under his tweet to defend the church, using their lives as examples. “Keep quiet biko. I was born in same church too. And still there. Blame your parents solely. They are not very Liberal and exposed. Are they? It was their sole responsibility to train you well”, a tweep @Silk_Wit_Beauty wrote. “Deeper Life Church made me better, constructive. Your parents failed so don’t label the church,no church founder saw the future and consequences to come more than W.F Kumuyi”, another tweep @OpuyalayeTamuno wrote.
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Some others are also of the opinion that it is wrong to blame churches for the woes people face in life. “Don’t always blame church for your own mistake. It was not the church that turned you to what you are. I know a lot of deeprlife member that are doing excellently well. You did that to yourself not the church”,
@dadaoluwasogok wrote. “Its not the church. Its your guardian or parents who didn’t know better. But you must understand that every choice we make have advantages and disadvantages. You were thought and groomed thorough. Now that you know better, add the better knowledge and become a better person”, another tweep added.
Pastor W.F Kumuyi, the Founder and GO, Deeper Life Bible Church
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