‘I Wish I Were Single With No Child’ – Ka3na BBNaija

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BBNaija star Ka3na Jones has stated that she wished she were single at the present stage of her life.

The mother of one said this while celebrating her 6th wedding anniversary with her husband whom she refers to as Mr Jones.

She took to her Instagram account to reveal that marriages are not perfect and she wished she was single but maintained that such a choice would be lonely.

She wrote: “Believe Me Marriages Are Never Perfect. This stage of my life I would rather be SINGLE with no kids,” she wrote.

“BUT then again; Would I Be Happy? What Life Would That Be? I’m Guessing EMPTY! So Here We Go Again. SIX Years Of Friendship. Blessed With Our Lovely Lila”

In other news, a Nigerian groom has explained that his bride losing her mother and two sisters days before their wedding ceremony is the reason she refused to smile throughout the ceremony.

This came after curious observers noticed and expressed worry towards the bride after she refused to smile during her wedding ceremony.

In other to clear the air on preconceived notions of social media users who felt like the bride was forced into the marriage, the groom, Michael Kelvin Iguba explained that his bride lost her mother and sisters on their way to the wedding ceremony, which left her devastated. He also urged people to send their prayers and not their Judgment on her mood. Read more

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