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If Adam and Eve Were A Nigerian Couple

If Adam and Eve were a Nigerian couple, what would their story be?

Let us tell you.

1. Adam would have eaten the forbidden fruit, not Eve.

And when God asks why, he will say it’s because Eve did not cook for him.

2. Anytime Eve says any wrong thing, Adam might ask her to give him back his rib.

Shebi you’re making mouth, I will collect that rib and we’ll see if you will exist.

3. Despite the free time they will both have in the Garden of Eden, Eve will still accuse Adam of not giving her quality attention.

Does Adam not know that her love language is quality time?

4. One day they will fight and Adam will collect his rib back.

And then he will realise his mistake because there will be nobody to cook his food, iron his clothes and warm his bed. He will then understand that the animals in the garden cannot replace Eve.

Odunlade Adekola Crying | CuratedMemes

5. When God sends them out of the Garden of Eden for eating the forbidden fruit, Eve will never hear the end of it.

Eve: Good morning, sweetheart.

Adam: Abegi. That’s how you will be acting like a good person. Shebi they have sent us out now. What is good about the morning?

Eve: I want to go and pluck vegetables for our dinner.

Adam: Hmm. Go oh, go and meet your friend Satan. Maybe he will give you orange this time.

6. And if Adam was the one who ate the fruit first, well…

Eve will certainly demand a divorce.

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