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Insane Jeff Bezos-National Enquirer Drama Takes a Bizarre New Turn


The bizarre years-long drama behind the story of Jeff Bezos’ secret extramarital relationship is about to get even weirder. A shady figure affiliated with the National Enquirer claims in court that one of Hollywood’s most powerful players provided the supermarket tabloid with the sordid details of the affair.

After Bezos announced in 2018 he was separating from Mackenzie Bezos, his wife of 25 years, the National Enquirer revealed the world’s richest man was having an affair with Lauren Sanchez, a southern California-based television host and pilot. The sleazy supermarket tabloid’s series on the affair—which included racy text messages and suggestive photos between Bezos and Sanchez—set off a bizarre and sprawling public hunt for the source or sources of the information, roping in Sanchez’s now-estranged brother Michael Sanchez, top executives at Enquirer parent company American Media Inc., and even the Saudi government.

Now, Nikolaos Tzima Hatziefstathiou, a journalist with a strange and disturbing criminal history who reported the story with the National Enquirer and AMI (since rebranded as “A360 Media”), is claiming one major source of the information was Lauren Sanchez’s then-husband, William Morris Endeavor executive Patrick Whitesell.

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