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John Oliver Unloads on ‘Colossal Asshole’ Andrew Cuomo


On Sunday night, around the time the woefully corrupt Golden Globes were wrapping up, John Oliver was launching into a speech against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, “a man whose face, build, and general demeanor always seems to scream ‘Business Frankenstein.’”

The comic opened his latest Last Week Tonight on the myriad controversies surrounding Cuomo, a man who was inexplicably hailed as a COVID-19 hero for holding regular press conferences while he was presiding over a state with the most COVID-19 deaths of any, erecting a performative blockade in New Rochelle to “contain” the virus’ spread, overseeing erratic dining and school rules, somehow found the time to write a book about how well he was doing containing COVID, and placing COVID-positive patients back into nursing homes—an outrageous decision that led to countless deaths, and I say “countless” because the number of nursing home deaths were underreported by the Cuomo administration, who initially reported 9,154 nursing home deaths and recently upped that number to 15,049.

“You’d expect that less from a transparent democracy and more from an authoritarian regime like North Korea,” cracked Oliver. “Now, this scandal stems from a directive Cuomo made last March, telling nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients to free up hospital beds. Now that would be bad enough, but since then, his administration has been trying to downplay and consequences from that action.”

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