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Lady Left Stunned By What She Found In An Eggroll She Bought


A Nigerian lady on Twitter has taken to the platform to reveal what she shaw in an eggroll she bought.

The lady who is a pianist shared some photos indicating that instead of boiled egg, she found a puff-puff.

Reacting to this, she indicated for someone who loves eggroll, the incident left her traumatised and this has gotten some reactions from her followers.

Making the post, she wrote;

“When next you want to buy eggroll in Lagos, ask them to open it first.

This has to be the craziest wildest thing to ever happen to me.
For someone that really loves eggroll, I’m traumatized”

Read some reactions below;

@DanielRegha – Some people are just wicked, why put puff puffs instead of eggs & call the snacks egg rolls? A lot of people are part of the problems in this country, too eager to make money at the expense of people’s lives (or health). The seller should’ve called them puff-rolls not egg rolls.

@_iSUAVE – You people are not patient, have you opened the puff puff and you didn’t see egg?

@lemonades23 – At least open the puff puff nauu
Egg fit dey inside the puff puff

@lord_OboteAyo – Wait . What If na triple threat meal, the egg sitting well in the puff puff . Open the puff puff too.

@shudyshugar – Egg roll sef Dey born now
What God cannot do doesn’t exist

@Ceraeli_cuddles – Well, eggs have become very expensive.
What I’m trying to wrap my head around is whether it is wise.
Eggs have extremely short shelf-life. If the price is high, who will buy?
So Nigerian Association of Egg Sellers (Face with rolling eyes), you guys need to think deep.

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