5 Times Nigerians Went Overboard With Corrections

Right now in Nigeria, someone somewhere is busy thinking of new ways to confuse others. That’s why they keep coming up with new names for things that we know so well. It would be nice if these names were correct, but half the time, they’re just okoto yarns.

1. That time they said it’s Brisket Bone, not biscuit bone.

You mean egungun bogo? Oga, forget that thing. Biscuit bone is what we know it as, and Biscuit bone is what it shall remain.

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2. That time they said it’s Seal Tape, not Sellotape.

sellotape not seal tape

And a lot of you people believed it without even checking Google.

3. That time they said it is Hibiscus Tea, not Zobo.

Lmao. Flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, sis. But we still don’t want your revelation.

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4. That time they woke up and said it’s Beef Jerky, not Kilishi.

Tell a Mallam that you want to buy Beef Jerky and then come back to narrate your experience. We are waiting.

5. That time they now even said It’s not Beef Jerky but Beef Steak.

Again, tell a Mallam that you want to buy beef steak. We are waiting for you to come and gist us.

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