5 Types Of People Before Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and this piece of news can mean many things for different people. That’s why we came up with this list of the different types of people before Valentine’s Day. Now read and tell us which one of them you are. We are number… never mind.

1. Those who wax their body parts in anticipation of only God knows what.

gift ideas for valentine's day

We are not judging you oh, we just want to know why you are doing what you are doing.

2. Those who are busy putting themselves on the map.

We feel you, Auntie. That delivery must be made.

3. Those who are actively seeking for a reason to break up temporarily.

how can i break up with my girlfriend before valentine's day tomorrow?

Nigerian men, catch your sub.

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4. Those who just want it to be over.

don't care about valentine's day tomorrow

Friday, February 14, aka, Valentine’s Day is just another day of the week. And it will pass like that. No more no less. This Is For You If You’re Unbothered About Valentine’s Day.

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5. Those who don’t want anybody to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

The bad belles of our generation. By their tweet, you shall know them. As if we are responsible for their singleness.

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