5 Types Of People You’ll Encounter In A Danfo

Lagos is full of different people, and entering a danfo with one or two or even five of them is one sure way to encounter Lagos in a small way. We came up with a list of five people you’ll probably meet when you board a danfo. Which one of them do you recognise?

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1. The preacher

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Sometimes, you won’t even know they are there. Until you hear, “Let somebody shout Halleluyah!” and you realize it’s time for danfo devotion.

2. The woman with a battalion of children.

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“Bros abeg, help me put this one for your leg. Thank you, ehn. God go bless you plenty.”

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3. The nosy ones.

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They always want to see what you’re doing on your phone. Sometimes they can tell you to wait for them to finish reading that tweet you’re reading. The audacity.


4. The sellers.

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These ones are the danfo-preneurs. They sell everything from cough syrup to hair boosters to cure for ulcer and big yansh creams. All for two hundred and fifty naira.

5. The bus reps.

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These ones are doing God’s work, to be honest. They are the ones who will gather all the money for the driver and ensure everyone gets their change. May God bless them for us.

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