Apostle Paul Releases Shocking 41 Prophecies for 2020, ‘President Buhari, Tinubu, Edward Onoja and others need to be awake’

The Apostle with prophetic mantle, Apostle Paul Emmanuel has released fresh prophecies for 2020 which covers Nigeria in particular and its political hemisphere.

In an exclusive chat with Newsmag.com.ng, he unfolded his predictions for 2020.

It would be recalled that over the years, he has given lot of prophecies which bothers on the state of the nation and all sectors of the economy.

He also has a prayer team which have a mission to pray for the Nation and for Nigerians and those in diaspora.

Here are the 41 prophecies below as received from him:

1, Three 3 Nigerian serving senators will be in trouble with EFCC. 

2, Kogi state will experience the favour of God, the state will be better than the last 4 years. 

3, APC will be divided, they will not have much ground because there will be heavy shaking in the party. 

4, Adams Oshiomhole will be removed as the national chairman. 


5, Highly armed men will invade the Eastern state in 2020, the States should protect their territories. 

6, An Ex President will be caled home.

7, I see Buhari government battling with Top men of God.

 8, Herdsmen will come up with a new strategies, I see blood.

9, I see VP having trouble forcing him to resign if God doesn’t intervene, he will be remove. 

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10, I see heavy battle between Sharia laws and Christianity, it’s a year Sharia will do every thing possible to take over Nigeria but God will win battle at last.

11, I see Buhari led government being humiliated by world leaders. 

12, The Hausa community should watch, pray and be vigilante because a battle is coming. 

13,  A great man of God will be called home. 

14, I see the power of God overshadows Nigeria. 

15, I see heavy shaking in the presidency. 

16, I see series of terrorisim strikes if Buhari don’t do the needful to stop it. 

17, I see fuel sanctity.

18, I see another set of herdsmen emerging with different name.

19, The Hausa community should watch, pray and be vigilante because  I see herdsmen invading their territories. 

20, I see series of strike if buhari did not intervene, 

21, I see Nigeria V. P  having trouble that will force him to resign if God does not intervene.

22, I see Nigeria flag shaking heavily, we  need God to help us as a nation. 

23, The Yoruba race should wake up and get ready to defend her territory against massive invasion of enemies

24, Edward onoja, Kogi state deputy governor will enjoy the favour of God in Kogi state and Nigeria at large.

25, I see Kogi deputy governor becomes more popular in the political race

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26, Many barren women will become mothers of children.

27, Despite all the battle against the church, the church will become more prosperous in land.

28, I see harvest of souls in the church.

29, I see young ministers of God who have stained their hands be exposed in 2020.

30, I see heavy betrayal among the APC party.

31, I see those who have and refused to help others, I see them losing relevance and those who did not have I see them becoming major helpers to people who have looked down on them.

39, I see a new Ponzi Scheme emerging and they will swindle Nigerians of their possessions, every one need to be careful.

40, Tinubu should be careful with his household, they are planning, he should build his walls against insider betrayers in 2020

41, Nigerian Nollywood practitioners, film directors, content creators, actors should get closer to God in 2020.

Every Nigerian should pray with this in 2020: Chronicles 7:14, if only we can call upon God all things will work in our favour

To join his prayer group on Facebook, click link: https://web.facebook.com/groups/563177257204402/

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