My Husband Slept With The Wrong Girl And This Happened

My Husband Slept With The Wrong Girl And This Happened 1

Good-day morning, I have been married to my husband for 8 years and we are blessed with 3 lovely kids, my husband cheats on me especially when I’m pregnant.

I noticed it when I had my first child, the thing is, he does it so smoothly that he leaves no stone unturned, I knew he cheated, the signs were there but never had any concrete evidence .

Around February this year, I noticed that whenever we are about to make out, his joystick gets so soft , (soft like bread ),there is nothing we haven’t tried ,the more we try ,the weaker it gets. We attributed it to stress, or maybe erection issues , I encouraged him to go to the hospital , but he never did.

Fast forward to last September , I started having nightmares about a strange woman fighting me in my dreams that my husband is owing her and she would take her pounds of flesh on me and my kids , cos my hubby cannot “waste her oranges ” I asked her what she meant by “waste her oranges “?

She said I should ask my husband when I get home. I woke up from that dream at about 2am , I woke my husband up for prayers , after the prayers , I asked him if he was having any extra marital affairs, he denied, I said ok, at least do you know any orange seller?

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Or did you by chance waste anyones’ oranges , he said NO. And went back to sleep.

Immediately he slept, I took his phone, checked if I could find any clue , there was none.

A month later I had a similar dream, this time around the face of the girl was clearer , and she was fuming with anger, i woke up ,ran to my pastor , he prayed with me and told me to keep praying, I started the midnight prayer programme on 18th of October to 24th December.


On 25th of December my husband confessed to me that he has been cheating with various girls but there was a particular girl he slept with, that from the day he slept with that girl, he noticed that he couldn’t make love to me anymore, he said he is not having weak erection like I thought that his joystick works on any other lady apart from me , he said he tried to end the relationship but he couldn’t.

Then he decided to stop sleeping with the said girl but she threatened him he would weep over his wife and kids, I asked him why he denied it even when God revealed it to me in my dreams, he said the girl is powerful and promised she would torment me, and that he was confused and didn’t know what to do.
Lest I forget, my husband and I haven’t been able to make love since February this year.

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Yet he has been making love to other girls everyday of his life. while I was busy praying for God to heal hi.m and make him the complete man I once married , I never knew his evil side chick was punishing me and depriving me of enjoying my husband.

How do I forgive this man ? I have taken my kids to my mums place to celebrate the new year, I am thinking of not returning back to the house .

Please Naijaloadites I need matured advice on how to handle this situation.

I am looking pale as a result of the emotional stress I have been through, I pray and fast everyday of my life for a man that doesn’t mean well for me and my kids.

I Will Be In The Comment Section.

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