Sense Will One Day Fall On Nigerians, Sam Adeyemi Prophesies

'Propaganda In Churches' — Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Pastor Sam Adeyemi/Daily Post

Amidst social media controversies over the celebration of Christmas, Sam Adeyemi, Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre (DCC) has prayed that “sense will one day fall on Nigerians”

Adeyemi, while lamenting the unavailability of power supply on Christmas day, said the countries that brought the practice to Nigeria celebrated the day with uninterrupted power supply, but Nigerians seem unconcerned.

According to the cleric, instead of seeking solutions to instability of power supply, Nigerians ranted on whether eating Christmas chicken was a determining factor in making heaven.

“The countries from where they brought Christianity to Nigeria celebrated Christmas with uninterrupted power supply. Some of us were quarreling over whether eating Christmas chicken will make us go to heaven or not. Sense will “fall on us” one day. I pray it won’t be long.”

Tweeting further, Adeyemi said Nigeria has hardly added 2000 MW in 20 years, but rather we have air and noise pollution from generators.

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“I heard @AlikoDangote say that Egypt added 10,000 MW of electricity generation in 18 months. Nigeria has hardly added 2000 MW in 20 years despite spending more money. Instead, we have air polution and noise polution from generators, or darkness. Shouldn’t we be discussing this?”

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