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Lyfe Jennings Accuses American Airlines Of Racial Profiling

Life Jennings took to Instagram to accuse American Airlines of racial profiling.

He says when boarding a flight, he questioned whether he belong in first class.

“Sick of this sh*t!!! lady asked me 4 times did I know this was the 1st class line I told her yes everytime,” the singer and reality television star wrote.

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“She told me to stop and talk to her. I told her get the f*ck out my face, I told u I can read and I know what line this is. She say you’re not flying but ofcourse I get my ticket. Get to gate and this man is asking if I’m gonna have a problem on the aircraft cause heard I had a problem. I tell him no he ask me 3 more times wtf??? Wasnt until I started recording that he let me get on the flight!I don’t gotta answer no questions!!! It’s too early I paid for my ticket I can read!!!!”

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