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Meet the Pioneer Rethinking Liquor Sustainability

Don Q Rum

The first time I met Roberto Serrallés, he was speaking on a panel about sustainability in the distilling industry. I was stunned. I had never seen a presentation like this at any point in my career. I sat with my mouth agape. I was impressed by his intelligence, kindness and warmth, and also his brutal honesty on the subject.

In less than an hour, the sixth-generation Puerto Rican rum maker talked about energy use, water consumption, waste and the carbon impact of a distillery. This is the sort of information many brands would pay big money to sweep under the rug and he was giving the audience the receipts.

It came as no surprise when I found out later that he has a PhD in environmental science and had been a professor at the University of Oregon before joining his family’s eponymous liquor company, which produces Don Q Rum.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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