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MY Experience With Very Stingy Parents by TOTOnigga

Hello guys…. I don’t just know.. Is it just me or is there anything I don’t understand……my parents are rich people especially my dad, I know that for sure… someone paying #950,000 naira per year as school fees for me aside other expenses, plus multiple houses and lands I can’t even keep count of….

How come they are this stingy? There is no time I would ask them for money for my own personal well being or any of my personal needs that they would like to assist me. I once ask mum for #12,000 naira just to buy a fairly used android phone (when I know they can even afford me an iPhone x) but she told me I should wait till months end before she gives me saying there is no money on ground… it’s five months now and still nothing (not waiting for it though)…

Then I ask my dad, he told me I don’t need an android phone… telling me that phone makes people unserious and other types of bulls*it( a 19 year old student for that matter)

Any expenses that is not book or academic related is not important…my parents would rather buy clothes for me than give me money to buy clothes… sometimes I end up not wearing some of them..

The funniest part is that, anytime I take any urgent lie(Asin scam) about any payment in school…they wouldn’t Waits a second to send it to me… This has got me telling all sorts of lies just to get what I know can be gotten honestly.. It has even gotten to the point that any money that enters my hand now, I use it to play sports betting to see if I can get enough money for what I need, but I end up loosing the money…I am just frustrated.. someone time I wish I didn’t even have rich parents cos what’s the point…

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