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My, That’s a Snug-Fitting Spacesuit Jeff Bezos Is Wearing

Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast / Photos Getty/Blue Origin

In what might be the most expensive mid-life crisis in history, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos heads to space this week. Instead of using his mind-boggling, record-breaking wealth to fix or at least alleviate the compounding crises on Earth, the 57 year-old oligarch has decided to don a cute blue suit and shoot himself into the atmosphere to cause more problems up there.

“It feels good to be in the flight suit,” Bezos said in a promotional video posted on Instagram. I’d wager it would feel even better to spend his $200 billion fortune ending hunger in his home country, but sure. Bezos’ love of tight clothing can only be matched by his disdain for paying federal taxes; The New York Times called him a “style icon” and apparently was not joking: “Mr. Bezos has gone from a pleated-pants sweatshirt-wearing Smurf to muscled-up, black-polo-shirt-and-shades digi-stud,” Vanessa Friedman wrote in 2018.

So his Blue Origin team picked an outfit that matches his Divorced Dad sensibilities: it’s a little Top Gun in its shape, tapered at the waist and butt. There’s a feather, his space company’s logo, stamped on the back of the jumpsuit, because…branding. There’s a rocket ship insignia patch on the front chest. It looks like a Halloween costume for the super-rich.

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