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Nnamdi Kanu: Archbishop Chukwuma Clarifies Involvement In Arrest, Repatriation Of IPOB Leader

Most Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma, Enugu Ecclesiastical Province Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, on Monday noted that he has no hand in the repatriation of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra.

The cleric in his statement noted that he has strongly maintained a dignified position on justice in governance for all levels for the Igbo nation.

Recall that IPOB accused Archbishop Chukwuma and some others of allegedly working with the federal government to betray Kanu

Archbishop Chukwuma in his reaction said involving him in the arrest and repatriation of Kanu is a joke taken too far.

The cleric also recalled defending IPOB against the terrorist tag by the Nigerian government.

He said: “I was stunned by a recent report credited to Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB).

“In the said report, it was alleged that I was part of the conspiracy that led to the abduction and repatriation of the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, to Nigeria.

“Ordinarily, I would have ignored the said report for lacking in substance but that would have elicited different narratives and unhealthy speculations in the mind of Nigerians.

“A comment, therefore, is considered necessary for posterity.

“In my privileged position as a religious leader, I have vehemently maintained a stoic and dignified position on justice and fair play in governance at all levels, and adherence to due process and constitutionality while seeking justice for the oppressed.

“This is variously canvassed at different fora. My position has not changed as it is consistent with my avowed beliefs and convictions.”

“The report should be discountenanced by discerning minds for it is a product of mischief makers and disgruntled elements.

“I have in strong terms condemned reference to IPOB as a terrorist organization, but rather as a non-violent group of agitators.”

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