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Obama’s ‘Pivot to Asia’ Architect Will Be Biden’s China Troubleshooter

Issei Kato/Reuters

President-elect Joe Biden has tapped Kurt Campbell, one of the architects of U.S. strategy toward the Pacific over the past generation, for an expansive White House role that reflects the emphasis Biden will place on addressing the economic, geopolitical and security challenges posed by China.

Campbell, the assistant secretary of state for East Asia in the Obama administration, will hold the title of Indo-Pacific Coordinator on the National Security Council, a portfolio indicating “that we see this region holistically,” a senior national security adviser to the transition team told The Daily Beast.

“We believe this is a fundamentally competitive relationship [with China], but one that on certain issues it will be in America’s interest to work with China even as we compete,” the adviser said. “The selection of Kurt sends a signal, because he’s a formidable practitioner, about the heightened strategic importance of the relationship, and the seriousness with which we will take this region.”

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