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Ohanaeze: Security For Ndigbo, My Priority – Obiozor

The newly elected President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, George Obiozor, has said his main priority is to ensure security for Igbos.

Obiozor emerged president after an election which held last Sunday in Imo state.

Thanking Ndigbo for electing him, Obiozor said: ”I know this is no easy decision on the part of Ndigbo or even my humble self. But I promise you all and my God, that I shall take up to the best of my ability to tackle the challenges and the responsibilities that come with the hallowed office with honour, dignity, dedication, decency and decorum.

”My dream type of leadership is leader/manager model, using the most and best available efficient persons and instruments to achieve Igbo collectively defined objectives. I believe this can be done without malice but with diplomatic dexterity, decency, candour and decorum.”

Obiozor said his decision to contest in the election was not based on personal ambition.

He said: ”My most compelling necessity was service, a timely and crucial service at one of the most critical times in Nigeria’s history with dire consequences, particularly for Ndigbo as a national entity.

”Indeed, not only has governance become both difficult and complex in Nigeria, but down right an existential threat to Ndigbo in particular. The Igbo dilemma in Nigeria has come at last. And the time requires a very careful and delicate skilled manager in the relationships between Ndigbo and other Nigerian nationalities especially the national power elites. This requires a mature and experienced person with a capacity to build enough consensus to define and defend the interest of Ndigbo.”

Consequently, Obiozor said his ”four points priority agenda for Ndigbo are security, economy, education, peace and reconciliation.”

His words: ”Ndigbo must be safe at home and abroad. Ndigbo must never again be victims of circumstances they did not create nor can they control. Security of Ndigbo, young or old will be a priority in my tenure. And security does not come alone, it comes with justice. Therefore, we must always seek justice, equity and fairness no matter how difficult or how long it takes to achieve them.”

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