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OMG, I Want This House: Portland, OR

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If you’ve ever dreamed of doing your best impression of Snow White, surrounding yourself with trees, a canopy of green, and woodland creatures, then the Mason Residence is the home you’ve been waiting for. On the market for the first time since it was built in 1971, this home is 4,000 square feet of midcentury modern minimalism and 1.5 acres of Pacific Northwest timberland that can all be yours for a chic $1.3 million.

The Mason Residence is the creation of famed local architect Saul Zaik, who was an Oregonian to his core: he was born and raised in Portland, studied architecture at the University Oregon, and founded his practice in the City of Roses. His work reflected and embraced his love of the area.

If you become the proud owner of this home, you can officially begin telling people about your new “wings.” That’s right, the house is made up of two sections that extend off of either side of the foyer. (We hear chateau bragging is a really cute social trait.)

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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