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Parachute’s Linen Sheets Are the Softest I’ve Tried

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My partner says she can sleep on anything, but I am the opposite — I’m very particular. This is because I firmly believe that my bed should be the most comfortable place on the planet. Sheets are integral to achieving this. I used to think cotton was the way to go, and in my younger years, I got it into my head that silk might be comfortable too. And they were, but I felt that they didn’t give me the absolute best experience in bed. But I’ve finally found them, the sheets that changed my bed for goo. They are linen and they are made by Parachute.

What sets Parachute’s Linen Bedding apart from other linen bedding is simple. Unlike some other brands I’ve tried, Parachute’s linen comes pre-broken in. This means that it is unbelievably soft from the very first time you sleep in it, without having to wash it first. and yet they have gotten softer and softer. If you’re skeptical that linen is comfortable, I was too. But it really is a magical material, one that, as it turns out, is great for warm sleepers and cool sleepers alike. How? I’m no scientist, but they say its temperature regulating properties are born from its ability to insulate. Parachute’s sheets are also anti-microbial, which is good because they don’t get gross all that easily, but better yet, they are easy to wash. They can go in the machine and even the dryer without shrinking, too.

But properties aside, they also look absolutely beautiful. The Linen Sheet Set comes with a fitted sheet, a pillowcase set, and a top sheet and it all comes in nine chic colorways—I’m personally a big fan of the Terra coloring—and provide a light and airy, luxury yet laid back look that makes my bed unassumingly appealing. So much so, I can’t help but hop into it during the day every now and again. Can you really blame me?

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