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Kenya Moore Accuses RHOA Co-Star Porsha Williams Of Bachelorette Party Threesome With Stripper! Whoa!

Stripper s*x?! Really??

It’s the drama Real Housewives of Atlanta fans have been waiting for after it was teased some s**t went down Cynthia Bailey‘s bachelorette party! Bravo‘s brand new Sunday night episode of the hit reality TV show was wild as can be and ended on a cliffhanger! We can’t wait to see how this crazy controversy resolves itself!

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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the RHOA cast came together out in South Carolina to celebrate Cynthia’s engagement to Mike Hill, and of course, there were high jinks all around — in no small part thanks to the presence of a male stripper (er, private dancer! LOLz!) named Bolo.


The episode kicked off with star Kenya Moore telling producers about the scandalous night, and explaining that certain co-stars of hers were “freak hoes,” who “basically will be a hoe for anyone.” Naturally, Kenya wouldn’t reveal which cast members she was talking about during that initial chat, but her accusations soon became very clear as the episode progressed!

In a way only she could, the 50-year-old reality TV star summed up the night with an eye-opening accusation (below):

“There’s not enough holy water or sage in the world to erase what went down in that house. Someone screwed the stripper. It wasn’t me but I’m going to found out who did.”

Ummm what?! Dish, Kenya, DISH!!!

Thankfully, the show flashed back to the night in question, initially showing Kandi Burruss prepping the house for a night of debauchery. The entire cast was there, complete with dominatrix outfits, sexy toys and props, and a whole lot of pent-up sexual energy to go around!

They even created alter-egos for themselves; Kandi became Mistress Angel, Kenya picked Chocolate, and Cynthia chose 50 Cent as the woman of honor for the night. Beyond them, Drew Sidora was Lickety Split, Porsha Williams turned into Peach Juice, LaToya Ali became Trinigyal, Marlo Hampton opted for Diva, Tanya Sam was Dy-Nasty, and Shamea Morton was Vagena Drip. Oookay then!

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It all started out fine: the ladies made cocktails, Bolo danced in a cage for a while (yes, really), and eventually they had him start stripping down while throwing money. Kandi even gifted Cynthia with a s*x swing for her honeymoon. LOLz! But hey, no harm, no foul, right?! Just a little adult fun for a consenting group! Well, after Bravo producers agreed to turn off the cameras for the night, the s**t hit the fan!

For one, footage from black-and-white cameras set up outside the house appeared to pick up a steamy make-out session between Porsha and Drew that gave us this priceless screenshot (below):


Then, early the next morning, Kenya came downstairs alone only to hear… s*x noises?! Investigating the incident, she determined the moans were coming from Bolo, as well as two different women’s voices! As she put it later in an interview, the reality star was immediately able to deduce that “someone screwed the stripper!” Kenya was able to rule out the bride-to-be — and besides, y’all know Cynthia wouldn’t involve herself in THAT drama. But the accuser nevertheless thought she recognized one of the moans as Porsha’s voice (!!!), and had a hunch that Tanya may have been the other woman! Talk about a bachelorette party to remember…


When the two lovely ladies learned of their cast mate’s accusation, however, they were NOT happy. The next night at dinner, Porsha slammed Kenya in a conversation with Tanya, saying (below):

“Kenya is so disgusting. Like, girl, you’re tired. You can’t even bother me with your lies. … I’m not in a praying mood.”

Tanya agreed, adding how Kenya need to “set the record straight.” Does that mean something else happened that we haven’t seen yet?? Or are Porsha and Tanya just trying to cover their tracks?! FWIW, ahead of Sunday night’s new episode, Cynthia had told Us Weekly that “a lot goes down” during the bachelorette weekend, warning that she was “not responsible for anyone else.” That’s never a good sign! Ha!

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And with this episode ending on a cliffhanger involving Porsha’s anger towards Kenya, we know we’re going to have a major confrontation and who knows what else next week! Can’t wait!! What do U think, Perezcious readers?? Are you surprised by the stripper s*x allegations?? Think it really was Porsha and Tanya? Or somebody else?! You can get a sense of all the dramz with this after-show segment:

Sound OFF with your take on last night’s RHOA down in the comments (below)! And tune in for more next Sunday on Bravo at 8:00 p.m. ET!

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