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South-West Govs Call For Return To Regional Govt

Southern governors have called for a return to the regional form of government practiced in Nigeria in the past.

This was made known in a document presented to the National Assembly as part of their demand which should be considered in the review of the 1999 constitution.

The governors want the six zones in Nigeria to be converted to federating units.

“We propose that Section 3(1) be amended as a federation consisting of six geopolitical zones constituted from the states. The federating units or regions are divided into the following geopolitical zones: North-West Zone, North-Eastern Zone, Middle – Belt Zone, South-East Zone, South-South Zone, South-West Zone and the Federal Capital Territory,” the proposal reads.

“Section 3(6) be amended to provide for a number of local governments or such autonomous administrative units to be created by the respective federating units or states, the criteria of which shall include population, taxable capacity, ethnoreligious or other cultural and social affinities.”

“Section 7 of the constitution be amended to include an additional (sub)section prohibiting the dissolution of elected local government councils.

“This will be in compliance with the Supreme Court decisions in ALGON v. Oyo State Government; AG Plateau State & Others v. Goyol & Others; Governor, Ekiti State v. Olubunmi & Others.”

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